Merchandise sold on all of our websites is considered novelty products. There may be merchandise that is not legal in your city, county, state, or country. It is the obligation of the customer to check local, county, state, or country laws and ordinances before ordering. BeerBong.com (Hazy Days Innovations, LLC) Assumes no responsibility for merchandise deemed illegal by your local, state or counties authorities.

Drinking Products
Consuming large quantities of alcohol can be hazardous to your health and should be avoided. These products are a novelty items and are not intended for use as a means to consume large quantities of alcohol. The user may consume larger quantities of fluid in a shorter period of time than drinking without these products. Users of these products are hereby advised that they are responsible for what they consume out of these products.
Using beer/alcohol in these products will result in quick elevations in blood alcohol level, and intoxication will occur more quickly and more intensely than consuming fluids without these products.
These products should never be used, or furnished to persons under 21 years of age. Use this product responsibly and in conjunction with state and federal laws regarding alcohol consumption. The user assumes all risks in any way associated with the use of this product. Sweet Evil Industries does not promote excessive alcohol consumption.


Smoking Products
You must be 21 years of age, or older to view and/ or purchase items from this website and by purchasing from the site users warrant that they are 18 years of age or older.
BeerBong.com (Hazy Days Innovations, LLC) does not condone or encourage the use, supply or production of illegal drugs or controlled substances in any way whatsoever.
Smoking can seriously damage your health and can be fatal.

Romance Products
This is a site designed and intended SOLELY for ADULT viewing, people who are at least 21 years of age. The material available within this site may include graphic visual depictions and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity and should NOT be accessed by anyone who is younger than 18 years old or who does NOT wish to be exposed to such materials.
Under penalty of perjury, I swear/affirm that as of this moment, I am an adult, at least 18 years of age.
I promise that I will not permit any person(s) less than 21 years of age to have access to any of the material contained within this site. I understand that when I gain access to this site, I will be exposed to visual images, verbal descriptions, and audio sounds of a sexually oriented, frankly erotic nature, which may include graphic visual depictions and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity. I am voluntarily choosing to do so, because I want to view, read and/or hear the various materials which are available, for my own personal enjoyment, information and/or education. My choice is a manifestation of my interest in sexual matters, which is both healthy and normal, and which in my experience is generally shared by average adults in my community. I am familiar with the standards in my community regarding the acceptance of such sexual oriented materials, and the materials I expect to encounter are within those standards. In my judgment, the average adult in my community accepts the consumption of such materials by willing adults in circumstances such as this which offer reasonable insulation from materials for minors and unwilling adults, and will not find such materials to appeal to a prurient interest or to be patently offensive.
All models are 18 years of age or older.



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