Party Beer Bong - 2 Ft. Tube

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SKU: PBB2-Pink

  • Premium Beer Bong with Funnel
  • Heavy Duty Funnel - 40 oz. (Made in USA)
  • 2’ Tubing Length (Made in USA)
  • Easy to Hand Wash

  • Funnel made in the USA – 40-ounce funnel with thicker and sturdier plastic. Designed just for the beer bong. 8 inches in diameter, 7.5 inches tall, and holds over 40 ounces of your favorite beverage. Easy to wash and reuse for next time.
  • Tubing made in the USA – 2 feet of extra-thick tubing. Preventing kinks and splits for more fun and less frustration. Crystal clear tubing so you can see your favorite beverage going down (not like the toxic plastic that the competitor is using). It does not have any kind of smell or greasy feeling. Made of non-toxic, food grade materials that only we can say.
  • Exciting College Colors – Choose between a bunch of fun colors to match your school, party, or event, including black, pink, red, blue, green, white and so much more!

When you really want people to loosen up and have a bit of fun, there’s nothing wilder and crazier than getting a drinking buddy to guzzle 40 oz. of their favorite beer in this generously oversized Beer Bong Funnel!

The perfect addition to drinking games, get our Beer Bong Funnel today and get the jump on happy hour with a few friends! Dishwasher safe and all parts easily remove and re-assemble for cleaning.

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Always remember that too much beer, especially in a short amount of time, can be dangerous. Please drink responsibility and in moderation.



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