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A Bite About Us

Hazy Days Innovations, LLC ( , home for all of your drinking novelty needs. Whether you are new to using our products or a seasoned pro, you may have questions about our merchandise. You can always contact us to find out the information you need to know.

Hazy Days Innovations, LLC ( wholesale offers your business high-quality products as well as order processing efficiency.

  • Custom Private Labeling
  • Product Selection
  • Drop Ship Services

A lot of competitors have copied our products to sell as their own, but we have always kept our quality and pricing. Don’t get fooled by the fake Chines brands.

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Beer Bong Logo

Build a bong with the funnel colors, y-connectors, ultimate valves , number of tubes, and more!

  • Beer Bongs...$7.99
  • Beer Bong with Valve...$13.99
  • Double Beer Bong...$16.99
  • Quad Beer Bong...$39.99
  • Shotgun Key Chain...$3.99
  • Shotgun Champ...$6.99
  • Beer Belt...$19.99
  • Single Beer Holster...$15.99
  • Liquor Holster...$34.99
  • Beer Pong Balls...$1.99
  • Stiffy Stuff...$1.99
Easily create your very own line of fun drinking novelties. Choose from Beer Bongs, Shotgun Key Chain, Shotgun Champ and more. Email for special pricing and sample.
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