How to have fun with a beer Bong

Having Fun with a Beer Bong

by Bob Beer Drinker on Nov 24, 2020

Having Fun with a Beer Bong

All About the Beer Bong

Beer bongs are awesome! You see them in college parties all the time and there’s a reason for it. When you bring out the beer bong, everyone goes wild! Our beer bongs are perfect for a college party, frat party or taking away on Spring Break.

For when you and your friends want to spice up your drinking games, a beer bong can really get the party going! We have a variety of beer bongs to get everyone involved. If you love to party as a group, grab a double (or even a QUAD!) beer bong. Partner up with your best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend and chug it together. You’ll have a blast!

If you prefer to go solo and compete against your friends, grab your beer, a single tube beer bong and get drinking! There is a range of colors to choose from so pick your favorite. Our beer bongs also come in different lengths. If you want a challenge, go for a longer beer bong. For those of you that want to get straight to the good stuff, grab a shorter one and enjoy the buzz.

We know how much fun you can have with beer bongs so we make sure each product is high-quality. The last thing you want is to buy a cheap beer bong that doesn’t last after one use.  All of our beer funnels and tubing are made in the USA and FDA approved.

Make your next party one to remember.

Always remember drink responsibly and don't drink and drive. 


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