How to have fun with a Beer Bong

What is a Beer Funnel?

by Bob Beer Drinker on Nov 24, 2020

What is a Beer Bong

All About the Beer Funnel

Beer funnel, beer bong, shotgun beer was invented in the late 70's by your moms and dads. It's a funnel connected to a piece of tubing. Beers (light beer preferred) are poured in the funnel as the user drinks it. Depending on the style of the beer funnel with valve or no valve the user will learn how fast to drink the beer.

This process can be done alone or with your friend - one person holds the tubing to their mouth, while the second holds the other end of the tubing with a large plastic funnel attached. The funnel will be filled with beer and the beer will go down very fast - so be ready.  

As you can see - beer funnels are awesome! You see them in college parties all the time and there’s a reason for it. When you bring out the beer funnel, everyone goes wild!

Make your next party one to remember or you're not going to remember. 

Always remember drink responsibly and don't drink and drive - don't be the jerk that drinks and drives, party responsibly. 


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