20 ft Balcony Beer Bong

Drink Easy


  • 20ft Balcony Beer Bong

  • 40-oz. Funnel 

  • Leak-Resistant Valve 

  • Exciting College Colors 

  • Funnel & Tubing Made in the USA 



  •  20ft Balcony Beer Bong – Hang this bad boy anywhere and have fun. This balcony beer bong can be used for any parties. 
  • 40-oz. Funnel (Made in the USA) – Our funnels are extra-large. Made from premium quality plastic. They don't bend easily and together with the long tube, it can easily hold more beverages than you can down in one sitting. Perfect for chugging. 
  • College Funnel Colors – Choose between a bunch of fun colors to match your school, party, or event.
  • Tubing (Made in the USA) – These are premium tubes that are crystal clear and free of any impurities (unlike the murky tubes from our competitors). These tubes do not turn milky white with regular use and stay clear forever. Each piece of extra-thick long tubing is made with kink-free, non-toxic food-grade plastic for long-lasting strength and resiliency. 
  • Ultimate Valve - Premium on/off valve that will never leak. No clamps are required. Unlike the plumber valves which require a bit of struggle to open/close, our valves are designed to open and close with ease. Specially made for Beer Bong. 
When you really want people to loosen up and have fun, there’s nothing wilder and crazier than getting a drinking buddy to guzzle their favorite beer in this 20ft Balcony Beer Bong! Just go to the 2nd or 3rd floor and start pouring the beer in this awesome beer bong. Our beer bongs are portable and fit for any occasion be it college parties, spring break, bachelor party, bachelorette party, wedding, girls night out, pool party, as a graduation gift, gag gift or just to chug a beer with a friend. Organize adult drinking games and have fun. Use it to consume any liquid - be it soda, beverage, or just plain water. Be the ultimate guzzler.

Not even the kong beer bong can be this cool. 

Always remember that too much beer, especially in a short amount of time, can be dangerous. Please drink responsibly and in moderation.

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