Beer Bong Party Pack

Drink Easy


  • 1 Beer Bong
  • 1 Shotgun Key Chain
  • 1 Beer Belt

1 Beer Bong

  • USA MADE PREMIUM KINK FREE EXTRA LONG TUBE: Unlike our competition, our beer bong features the USA made long 2 feet tube. 
  • PREMIUM FUNNEL Made in the USA: Our funnels are extra-large and made from premium quality materials. They don't bend easily and together with the tube, it can easily hold more than 2 cans of beer.
  • ULTIMATE VALVE FOR THE BEER BONG: Specially made for the beer bong it does not require clamps. Unlike the plumber valves that everyone else uses, which require a bit of struggle to open/close, Our ultimate valves are designed to open and close with ease. 

1 Shotgun Key Chain - 4 in 1 Shotgun Device

  • Shotgun Beer
  • Key Chain
  • Bottle Opener
  • Tab Opener

The Shotgun Opener makes this American college tradition easier, safer and a heck of a lot faster! The Shotgun Opener is made of heavy-duty safety plastic and punches a clean, non-jagged hole in your beer can. It’s quick and easy and it comes attached to its own key chain so you can keep it handy (but do not drink and drive). The Shotgun Opener takes the guesswork and danger out of the equation and lets you get to the real work at hand!

1 Beer Belt

  • Holds 6 Beers
  • Insulated
  •  Inside Zipper Pocket for Money, ID, or Credit Cards
  • Side Velcro Pocket for Phone or Cigarettes
  • Adjustable Belt
  • NOT from Cheap Materials that our Competitor use


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