Quad Beer Bong

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  • Premium Quad Beer Bong 
  • Premium Funnel 40 oz. - Made in the USA
  • Long Tubing Lengths - Made in the USA
  • Leak-Resistant Ultimate Valves
  • Leak-Resistant Y Connectors
    Party with this quad beer bong for any occasion racing with your friends. Get your friends together and pick your favorite funnel color for college parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties. Use this quad beer bong to consume any of your favorite beverage with your freinds. 
      Large 40-oz. Funnel - Made in the USA – Funnel with thicker and sturdier plastic. Designed just for the quad beer bong. 8 inches in diameter, 7.5 inches tall. Perfect for chugging beers like a pro or splitting some giant swigs with friends, Easy to wash and reuse for next time.

      Tubing - Made in the USA - Extra thick tubing, preventing kinks and splits for more fun and less frustration. Crystal clear tubing so you can see your favorite beverage going down. Not like the toxic plastics that the competitor is using.
        Ultimate On/Off Valve – The advanced on and off valves not only lets you control the beer getting gulped, but it also helps eliminate spills, leaks, or sticky messes. Specially made for the Beer Bong (Not the plumbers' valve that the competitor is using)

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